Scott Colston ("DJ Scooter")

Metro Entertainment

Scott Colston formed Laughing Dog Productions, LLC as a one man company in 2003. From one show a week Laughing Dog Productions, LLC grew larger and now books over 200 events a year. In 2007 Laughing Dog Productions, LLC merged with Magnum Dynamic Sounds, LLC to form Metro Entertainment. Scott continues to run Laughing Dog Productions, LLC - which specifically concentrates on Corporate and Private Events - while Metro Entertainment and Magnum Dynamic Sounds focus on Specialty Information and Club Dee Jay Services.

Scott takes his abilities as a MC and applies it to Karaoke, Trivia, and Dee Jay entertainment in the Greater Metro DC area. Dee Jay specialties include weddings, corporate events, and Christmas parties. Additionally, Scott is the Marketing and Design Director for several companies, including Laughing Dog Productions, LLC, Magnum Dynamic Sounds, LLC, Metro Entertainment, LLC, Metropolitan Auto Detailing, and Evolution Sound Studios. He also coordinates all LDP entertainment scheduling. If you need deejays for private or corporate events Laughing Dog Production, LLC can provide it.

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