Metro Entertainment is proud to offer a weekly karaoke service. We have the best networking operators in the industry that bring personality and professional presentation to each of their events. In addition, we have an excellent MP3 based karaoke system that is currently being updated to include over 27,000 songs. Metro Entertainment also prides itself in providing the highest quality equipment and believes in using larger systems than its competitors to create a "live" atmosphere that gets the patrons to return again and again.

Metro Entertainment currently maintains a 3 hour minimum for weekly karaoke events. Metro also uses a bonus system based on the venue's sales. The venue sales are monitored and bonuses are based on reaching revenue goals with each venue as the event builds. This bonus is split with the operator which encourages our operators to network and build the event.

Each Karaoke set includes a core unit which includes the karaoke player and list, with onsite backups. Amplification, speakers, and video monitor are included. Metro Entertainment will also attempt to integrate our system with the venue's house audio or video system at the venue's discretion.

The following hourly rates for Weekly Karaoke Entertainment are currently in effect. All shows are billed on half hour increments rounded up to the half hour:

Show Type
3 hour show - Typically 10pm to 1am
3.5 hour show - Typically 10pm to 1:30am
4 hour show - Typically 9:30pm to 1:30am
4.5 hour show - Typically 9:00pm to 1:30am
5 hour show - Typically 8:30pm to 1:30am
Bonus Level One - determined by sales
Bonus Level Two - determined by sales
Bonus Level Three - determined by sales
Bonus Level Four - determined by sales

Additional equipment may be rented per show as needed by the venue.
These rental rates are as follows.

Rental Rate
Rental Type
DJ upgrade
42" plasma in road case
Projector in road case with screen
Additional Sound Equipment as needed